Kaiser KuBa is a Berlin Based DJ originally born in Poland. His love for electronic music began abroad in Budapest, Prague, Glasgow, and finally the  techno  capital of the world, Berlin. 
In 2018 together with his friends he founded the art collective LTMD @lesstalkingmoredancing
Kubasito's biggest love is melodic techno & progressive house, however his love and passion for electronic music spans much further and he firmly believes that (almost) every genre has it's right time and place. 
Depending on the playtime and dancefloor you can also hear him blend deep house, house, tech house, and even fast techno if that is what the dancefloor demands. 
Full of smiles and crazy dance moves in the booth, KuBa will make sure to give his all to transfer that smile and energy onto each and everyone of you. Soooo... let's go ;-) ?

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